Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will the games be played?

Fall Tackle season:

Game locations will change depending on who is the home team in each respective grade. Customarily all NYSA (Northwest Youth Sports Association) home games will be played at the Old Texan stadium directly across from the big NISD stadium. The NYSA is part of  the North Texas Football League (NTFL) which is composed of associations from Justin, Roanoke - Trophy Club, Southlake, Grapevine - Colleyville, Lantana, Argyle, and Coppell.  Each association play their home games primarily at their respective high school or middle school field locations on Saturday mornings and afternoon.

Spring 7 on 7 Season:

Games are played at the Coppell Wagon Wheel Park located 345 Freeport Parkway, Coppell, TX 75019 on Sunday afternoon

*Texans 7on7 team practices will be held at Northwest High School field nearest the East entrance off Hwy 156


Where will practices be for the Fall season?

Teams will practice on NISD property in close proximity to the Northwest HS campus.

For the fall 2018 season the PIKE MS field has been secured for practices.  The turf field and grass area directly behind Gene Pike Middle School will be shared by all NYSA teams.

The Old Texans Stadium (home game field) will be used later in the season for field light purposes.


What are the game schedules like?

Games are held on Saturdays (Sept 8th - Oct 27th with two playoff weekends Nov 3&17 for the 2018 season)

Games are scheduled starting at 8am throughout the remaining of the day.  Teams will only have one game per Saturday unless there is a bye for your team on a particular weekend.


What are the practice schedules like?

The head coach will determine your team's practice schedule.  

Practices shall not be held before 6:00 pm nor after 8:00 pm nor exceed 2 hours in length unless preapproved by the NYSA Executive Board.

No more than 4 team events (3 practices plus one game) per week is allow for tackle football

No more than 3 team events (2 practices plus one game) per week is allowed for flag football

Cheer practices are typically twice a week and will be coordiated by your cheer coach.


Do I need to buy equipment?

We will provide jerseys and integrated pad pants for Tackle football and uniforms for Jr Cheer. Cheer uniforms will be purchased seperately from registration by the parents for Cheerleading.  7 on 7 football will provide a reversible shirt/jersey for the players as part of registration. 

All football players will be required to purchase their own helmets, shoulder pads, game socks, mouth piece, cleats, gloves, etc. Mouth pieces are required for 7 on 7 football as well.  A complete list of recommended equipment will be provided to registered players as we get closer to the season.


What are the player eligibility requirements?

All eligibility requirements are subject to the rules, restrictions, and guidelines of our parent NTFL (North Texas Football League) organization that the NYSA is partnered with. All children that attend a school in the Northwest Independent School District (NISD) that meet all other NYSA boundary requirements are eligible. As a rule, any school that feeds into Northwest HS or Eaton HS will be within the NYSA boundaries.  

The NYSA is a "grade pure" association having a tackle football team for each age group in grades 3-6th.  For flag football, we will have mixed teams of 1st and 2nd graders.

Additionally, there is an max age restriction for each grade level, however players can request to play up one grade level with approval of the NYSA board. If a player plays up for more than 2 consecutive years then they are locked into playing up each year until thier 6th grade.  Eligibility is determined based upon the players age and grade as of September 1 of the playing year.

 Division          Type of Play   Player Age Limitation

1/2nd Grade     Flag                Players cannot have reached the age of 9 by September 1.

3rd Grade        Tackle             Players cannot have reached the age of 10 by September 1.

4th Grade         Tackle             Players cannot have reached the age of 11 by September 1.

5th Grade         Tackle             Players cannot have reached the age of 12 by September 1.

6th Grade         Tackle             Players cannot have reached the age of 13 by September 1.


What are the coaching qualifications?

All Coaches in the league are required to be certified through USA-Football and must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Select members of the Board of Directors review will include a background check and a formal interview with the coach candidate.


Will there be Cheerleading?

Yes.  We have an excellent and safe cheerleading program!  We are now offering a Jr Cheer program along with our regular Cheer program.  PreK - 1st grade will be considered Jr Cheer and have seperate fees and uniforms provided.  2nd-6th grade will be considered as Fall Cheer program.  See fees for additional details.


How much will it cost?

​Please refer to the Registration Info menu tab for detailed information regarding our pricing for the upcoming season.  The prices may fluctuate from year to year based on our facitily use charges and cost of uniforms.


What are the team sizes?

Football team sizes will range from 16 players up to 25.

Cheer squads generally will be formed with at least 7 participants, exceptions can be made to this rule.

7 on 7 Football team sizes will range from 10 players up to 12.

Please refer to the Football and Cheer team Policies for additional details


How long is the season?

The Fall tackle football and cheer season will begin early August with practices, games start in September, and end in November depending on your team's success in the playoffs.  Specific dates will be determined by NTFL.

The Spring 7 on 7 season is typically played in April with a tournament in the first weekend of May.




How many practices will there be?

For tackle football coaches will be limited to no more than 4 events per week, this includes game days, practices, and other team coordinated events.  No practices are allowed on Friday or Sundays. Maximum practice length is 2 hrs and is closely monitored.  No weekday practice may start prior to 6 pm or end after 8pm.

7 on 7 practices will range from 1 to 1.5 hours twice a week.

Cheer practices are typically twice a week and will be coordiated by your cheer coach.